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Artificial Grass for Dogs & Pets

Does your dog dig, roll in mud and dirt just to track it back indoors? Artificial grass for dogs & pets may be just the solution you’ve been looking for! Ideal Turf Solutions has been helping Massachusetts pet owners with their fight against muddy, grass baron dog spaces for decades.

Our pet turf is beautiful, low maintenance, and is easy to cleanup. There is an exponential need in New England for pet friendly and playable surfaces to accommodate pet facilities and pet owners. Your dogs and other pets will love the natural feel of artificial grass, and you’ll appreciate the easy cleanup, antibacterial surface and safe play area.

Our products and fake grass for dogs and pets installation are designed to stand up to whatever mayhem your dog or pets can bring: no more holes to backfill, no more bare spots, and easy maintenance.

Benefits of Fake Grass for Dogs & Pets:

Less fleas and bugs on pets

Low Maintenance

Say goodbye to urine faded spots

No more bathing your pet after an outdoor play

No dirt brought inside from your pet

Less odors on pets & dogs

Pet-Friendly Turf Installation & Maintenance across Massachusetts & New England

Ideal Turf Solutions provides pet-friendly artificial grass services throughout all of Massachusetts and New England including NH, ME & RI. Headquartered in Medford, MA we know first-hand how harsh our New England weather can get. Give your furry friends a forever green lawn to play on by installing synthetic grass today!

Along with installing turf for dogs and pets, our team can also help you maintain your artificial grass from any mayhem that may come. We can help keep your fake grass clean from pet odors, urine stains, and more.

Reach out to us today at 781-866-6161 or fill out the contact form below!

Check out our Artificial Grass for Dogs & Pets Gallery:

Check out our photo gallery below to see previous artificial grass installations for dogs and pets that we’ve installed throughout Massachusetts and New England!