Athletic Turf Fields

Ideal Turf Solutions has partnered with manufacturers to install, repair, and maintain athletic turf fields and sports turf complexes across New England including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine & Rhode Island! Our goal is providing a seasoned approach to Manufactures, Athletic Directors, Athletic Field Superintendents as well as business owners. With our combined experience in sports turf, rubber, sport tile and landscaping, our dedication to the Turf industry is exceptional.

Athletic turf fields are a huge investment for the community and school systems alike. A common misconception is that artificial fields come with no maintenance. If this approach is taken, the field will often begin showing signs of wear and damage after 3-4 years. This damage and infill compaction is often irreversible and the best way to prevent these effects is by routine proactive general maintenance.

Athletic Turf Field Services:

Ideal Turf Solutions can provide you with our routine 13-point inspection test, cleaning, decompaction, and servicing. Our three-step deep cleaning process is completed using our specialized grooming equipment. This will remove unwanted debris such as dirt, bird droppings, gum, blood, skin, and sunflower seeds from your field.

  • Infill De-Compacting: Loosens the infill material with heavy vibration to help assure safe playability; increase surface drainage and improve artificial surface performance.
  • Rotary Brushing/Vacuuming: This process employs a highly effective rotary brush to remove debris and infill from the turf, then sifts out in a unique vibratory shaker which redistributes clean infill back onto the playing field. Finishing the work is a rear brush which leaves a clean and smooth surface.
  • Grooming: Specially designed brushes are dragged across the surface, leveling infill and lifting fibers vertically to their upright position.