Putting Greens

It starts with putting

Putting greens. In the last ten years, artificial putting greens have become one of the largest additions in townhouse living, over fifty five communities, condos, backyards, and basements around the world. We at Ideal Turf Solutions, take great pride in our workmanship and stand by our putting greens as a long-term investment for our customers. We use the highest quality materials and stand by our craftsmanship for years to come.

At Ideal Turf Solutions, we can customize your green to have different shapes and multiple holes. Worried about your backyard being on a hill? No problem! Our crew are professionals at making two tier putting greens with slopes that will give the most ultimate fun when playing in the yard. We also offer fringe on the outside of the putting green, so not only can you work on your putting game, but your chipping will also meet its true potential when you’re out there on the course. For many of us, the hardest part and most frustrating part of the game is hitting into the bunker. We install those as well! You will never have to worry about the bunker again!

Our putting greens are sand filled that react and play exactly like a regular putting green at your favorite course. Once the putting green is cut to the shape of your choosing, then we add sand and roll your green to the perfect speed. 

Every golfer knows that the best way to improve your golf game begins with your putting. Our turf will roll just as true as the putting greens from the course. We can make whatever undulations and customizations that cater to all your golf needs for years to come. A sand filled putting green will not only improve your game but provide fun for your friends and family.