Artificial Turf Cleaning

Even the playing field

A common misconception of having turf is that turf is a no maintenance solution, however it is proven that maintaining your turf is very important to the longevity of the product and your investment. By grooming and de-compacting your turf on a regular yearly or bi-yearly basis, you are extending the life of your turf. It is also recommended by the Synthetic Turf Council that grooming and sanitizing indoor turf is crucial to a healthy and clean work or play space.

Cleaning your turf can eliminate: Odors, hair, debris and bacteria.

Ideal Turf Solutions has specialized equipment that will remove any foreign matter deep cleaning the turf and infill and then re-adding the cleaned infill back to the turf. This will provide a clean, safe, level infill for all users. As mentioned above, regularly cleaning and decompaction of your sports field is the best way to lengthen the life of your investment. By removing foreign debris and materials you decrease fiber wear and promote even wear.

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