Artificial Turf Maintenance & Repair

Maintaining and Repairing Your Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf needs regular maintenance, by constantly doing a visual examination of the turf and repairing it as soon as it is discovered. By ignoring any problems, it can be departmental to the safety and life of your turf. If your surface has any visible seem, holes, lifting or tear issues, our trained teams can repair your turf and bring it back to original condition!

Ideal Turf Solutions has developed a comprehensive maintenance program to maximize performance, appearance, and longevity of your artificial turf field. This complete program offers on-site field inspection, deep cleaning, field disinfectant and field repair. In order to get the most out of your artificial surface, it is recommended that your turf receives two deep cleanings per year.


On-Site 13-point Inspection

A Turf Pro specialist will evaluate your field to assess the condition of the turf, infill and identify any other problems. The specialist will inform the field owner of any turf issues and will follow up with a detailed written report highlighting any problems with solutions for issues such as loose seams, damaged fibers, discoloration, infill uniformity, etc.

Consists of the following:

  • Seam Analysis
  • Migration Analysis
  • Perimeter Anchoring
  • Fiber Fibrillation Analysis
  • Infill- Consistency in Depth
  • UV Fade Inspection
  • Glued Inlay Analysis
  • Base Stability Analysis
  • Excessive Wear Analysis
  • Painted Markings Inspection

We offer many different programs to always keep your turf top notch. We can also maintain your painted lines or any netting issues that could arise. Ideal turf Solutions is certified and insured to maintain any turf or rubber products. We serve all of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine and all of New England. Contact our office for one of our team members to evaluate your turf!